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SweepWidget Affiliate Program

SweepWidget offers a generous affiliate program where you earn 25% recurring revenue of all the paid users you refer! Users have the option to sign up for 3 plans. Pro monthly – user pays $29, you get $7.25 monthly recurring revenue. Pro annual – user pays $299, you get $74.75 annual recurring revenue. Business monthly […]

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How To Unpick A Winner

Learn how to unpick a winner with a SweepWidget giveaway. First, navigate to the “Reporting” section of your desired giveaway. Go to Account > Entries. Assuming you have already picked a winner, click the Show Winners link. Next, click the persons name. Lastly, click the red Unpick [Name] As Winner link.

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How To Create A Giveaway With SweepWidget

This article will guide you on how to get started on making your own SweepWidget giveaway. Table of contents: Getting started Basic information Ways users can enter User login steps – optional Style & design– optional Leaderboards, milestones, & instant coupons– optional Post entry– optional Pick a winner Getting started First, you’ll need to create […]

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Add Rules

Learn how to manually add rules or auto-generate rules for your giveaway. Table of contents Manually add rules Auto-generate rules Example rules on live giveaway Manually add rules Navigate to Basic Information > Add Rules. Manually enter your own rules into Official rules text box. Auto generate rules Navigate to Basic Information > Add Rules. […]

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Only Allow Certain Emails To Enter Your Giveaway

Learn how to only allow certain emails to enter your giveaway. Table of contents Whitelist emails for a single giveaway Globally whitelist emails Disallowed emails example Whitelist emails for a single giveaway This option lets you only allow certain emails into a single giveaway. All other giveaway associated with your account will be unaffected. Navigate […]