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Allow Daily Or Hourly Entries

Some entry methods allow users to re-enter daily. If it’s allowed, you will see a checkbox that says “Allow daily re-entry”. Tick this box, then open the drop drown menu under “Allow 1 entry per…”. You can allow entries from once per hour up to once per day. There is also an option for once […]

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Pre-Populate Name/Email Of Logged In Users From Your Website

Premium Plan Required. Make it so users who are logged into your website have their name/email pre-populated into a SweepWidget giveaway. This is an advanced feature and will require a little coding. First copy the embed code: Next you must add two parameters after “sw_container”. name-prefill=”[USERNAME]” email-prefill=”[EMAIL]” You will need to use whatever programming language […]

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Require Captcha

For added security (and reduce unwanted spam), you can require users to complete a Google Captcha challenge. This is verify people are who they say they are. To enable this: navigate to New Giveaway (or edit an existing one) > Basic Information > then look for the header that says “Google Captcha”. Then, select yes. […]