You can set a fraud prevention security level on your SweepWidget contest. The different levels determine how strict the fraud scoring will be when users enter your contest.

To set the security level, create or edit a giveaway, then under Basic Information, you will see the Security options. There are the 4 levels you can choose from:


This option validates emails in real-time for deliverability. We use a 3rd party tool to check for things like:


This option introduces a method known as device fingerprinting. We use a 3rd party service to perform advanced analysis on each user to tries to enter your giveaway. It looks at over 300 data points to determine if they are a real person and aren’t doing any suspicious behavior. It good for blocking bots, preventing duplicate entries, preventing fake friend referrals, and many other types of fraudulent behavior.

This is the same security standard that is used in Google, Amazon, PayPal, banks, and all other major reputable sites.


This option takes device fingerprinting a step further and adds advanced fraud scoring. It will look for more spam triggers and have elevated scoring to determine if the user is spam.


This option takes device fingerprinting to the maximum. If you top-level security is a must, then this option is for you. It has the most rigorous fraud scoring, and looks for the most indicators to determine if a user is spam.

Note: this option can cause some false-positives due to the extreme level of fraud scoring.