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How To Run A Live Event In-Person Contest With SweepWidget

SweepWidget makes it easy to run a live event in-person contest!

The most common way to do this is to have an event organizer with an iPad at a booth where people can enter their name/email/additional info into your contest. The goal is to only allow users to enter on the device from the live event, and not anywhere else. Here’s how to do it:

  1. While creating/editing a giveaway, you must tick the checkbox for Only allow whitelisted email addresses to enter your contest.
  2. Get the IP address of the device being used at the event.
  3. Navigate to the Entries section of your contest.
  4. Add that IP address to the Allow emails / IP’s area and append an asterisk to the end of it e.g. 123.456.789*
  5. That’s it!

Now users can enter unlimited times from that device, but no where else.

What if we want to also allow users to enter once on other devices from home while still allowing unlimited entries from the device at the physical event? Easy! Just disable the 1st step from above while keeping steps 2-5 the same.