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How To Export Entries From Your Giveaway Into A CSV File

Follow these steps to export entries from your giveaway in a CSV file. You can download the following data sets:

  • Export Users (this is each unique participant along with all login fields)
  • Export All Actions (this is every single entry method submitted by all participants)
  • Export Winners
  • (this is each unique winner along with all login fields)
  • Export This Entry Type (this is every single entry for a single entry type)

From your user account, navigate to the the Entries section of the giveaway you want.

Click either of the 3 options:

Export Users

Export All Actions

Export Winners

Then a CSV file will be download to your computer with all of the relevant data.

Export This Entry Type

First you must click on the entry type that you want to download.

That, click on the Export This Entry Type button.