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How Can I Manually Upload Entries Into My Contest Using A CSV File?

On the premium plan, you can manually upload user entries into your contest using a CSV file!

Click on the Manage Entries section for your desired giveaway.

Then click the the button that says Manually Add Entries.

Guidelines for uploading entries VIA CSV file:

  • You can only upload an individual user entry. You can’t upload additional bonus actions or custom fields. The fields that are accepted are full name, email, date of birth, and country.
  • Duplicate email addresses will be automatically skipped.
  • You can upload 500 rows of data at a time.

How to format your CSV file?

Note: the full name and email address must be filled in. You can optionally leave the date of birth and country blank. You must have all 4 fields as headers.

The following 4 fields are accepted:

Column NameRequiredStructure
Full NameYesJust the person’s name.
Email AddressYesValid email address is required.
Date Of BirthNoMM-DD-YYYY (it must be in this format).
CountryNoThe full name of the country e.g. United States.