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How To Get Over 40k Leads & 24k Followers With An Online Giveaway

Actions  147k Giveaway Views  50k Entries  16.5k Youtube Subscribers  11k Social Followers  24k Revenue Increase  400% Greg The Gameaholic, an online personality, and influencer—was able to generate over 16k emails, 11k YouTube subscribers, and 24k social media followers by hosting a giveaway with SweepWidget. He’s leveraged contest marketing to increase YouTube ad revenue by 400%. […]

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Beginners Guide: How To Run A Contest To Quickly Gain More Followers

An online giveaway can be an insanely, effective marketing strategy for boosting your engagement, reach, and customers. The most exciting part is that sweepstakes marketing is accessible to just about any type of business; large, small, services, product, or non-profit. But to reap the benefits of this viral marketing machine, you need a plan. In […]

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5+ Best Social Media Contest Tools That Are Free To Use

Running a contest and giveaway is one of the best ways to grow your followers, likes, fans, email lists, and overall brand awareness. Because of this, social media contest tools are becoming increasingly popular. It doesn’t matter if you are a small blog, a startup, or a large corporation – anyone can benefit from running […]

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15+ Legitimate Sweepstakes Sites To Promote Your Giveaway (Verified)

This article is a simple guide to the 15+ best giveaways, sweepstakes, and contest directories online. Learn how to promote and market your contest easily. There is no point in running an online giveaway if you don’t plan to promote it properly. While there are several ways to promote and market a contest, the simplest […]