Create Beautiful Giveaways
Custom entry forms that can be embedded directly into your website. Engage & gain maximum exposure.
 Connect with your users
Incentivise visitors to become familiar with your business! The more they engage, the better chance they have at winning.
 Email provider integration
 Engage through a plethora of social networks
 Create custom fields
 Create polls & surveys
 Official rules generator
 Entry confirmation
 Unlimited ways to enter
 Embed form on Facebook & website
 Real-time analytics
 CSV downloads
 So much more!
Build Your Audience
Expose a wide array of people to your brand. Build up your social networks, email lists, and customer base.
Engage Users
The more your audience engages with your brand, the better chance they have at winning. Create as many entry methods as you want.
Increase Sales
The more people you introduce your brand to, the more customers you'll get. That means more sales for you!
It's A Win-Win
Fans love promotions and you love fans! Why not provide an incentive for users to engage with your brand?