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Create Your Own Entry Method

Create your own giveaway

SweepWidget allows you to create your own entry method. You’re only limited by your imagination with this option!

Admin view

First, navigate to:

Ways Users Can Enter > Create Your Own Entry Method.

Next, fill in all of the required fields. In the what must the user do to enter field, you must give the user a task to do.

Custom verification question

You can optionally require a verification question.

Here’s some examples of what you can do:

  1. Require the user to visit your website and give you feedback. The verification question can be: What were your thoughts on our website?
  2. Require the user visit your Facebook page and tell you what their favorite post is.
  3. Require the user to visit your portfolio and tell you what their favorite picture is.
  4. The possibilities are endless!

Public view

In this example, the user must visit the Facebook link. They can confirm their entry after saying what their favorite post was.

Tip: it’s a good idea to allow daily entries with create your own entry method. This can get a lot of activity on your required task.

Another pro tip: add a countdown timer until the user is allowed to confirm the entry. This can be a good idea if you want them to visit a link to watch a video. You could add a 10 minute clock until they’re allowed to collect the entry. *Pro plan required for timer feature.

Example Create Your Own Entry Giveaway