SweepWidget Help Docs

How To Create A Shopify Contest With SweepWidget

Download SweepWidget’s app on the Shopify App Store!

We will learn how to make a contest for your Shopify site using SweepWidget! First, you will want to install the SweepWidget app from the Shopify app store. Once this is installed, you will want to open it from your admin center.

Step 1

Click on the + New Giveaway link from either the left nav bar or from the top of your user dashboard or + Create New Giveaway.

Step 2

Build your contest using our contest builder tool. Once you have set up your basic information, ways users can enter, and any of the additional options, you can click the Publish Giveaway button.

Step 3 (* Optional)

You can optionally embed the giveaway into your Shopify store (this is not required). Choose which unique URL you want the giveaway to appear within your Shopify site. Example: awesome-site-123.myshopify.com/pages/my-first-giveaway

Once you have chosen your custom URL for where the giveaway will appear on your Shopify site, you can click the + Add Giveaway To Shopify Store button.

Or, you can use the free SweepWidget hosted landing page instead.

– If you don’t want to embed the giveaway into your Shopify store, you can simply use the free hosted landing page on SweepWidget.

Step 4 (* Optional)

If you decided to embed the giveaway on your Shopify site, you should get a success message saying the contest has been embedded in your site. You can now click on the the new link to view your giveaway.