Discord Contest Tool - Powerful Discord Giveaway Bot

Create and run a Discord giveaway on your blog or website with the SweepWidget app - fully customizable. Allow users to enter by performing the following actions: join your Discord server. It will fully API validated when users are asked to join the server. User's will be required to authenticate their Discord account while entering. It will only give you credit for the entry if they actually join the server. Additionally, you can have user's login to your giveaway using Discord (instead of manually typing name/email).

SweepWidget is a great Discord giveaway bot alternative. It gives you all of the functionality as a traditionally giveaway bot, and more. You get the bot functionality with the API validation, and also can randomly/manually select your winner, block spam/fake entries, style your widget, set the start/end date, and also choose from an additional 30+ social platforms to collect entries on. So, you're not limited to just Discord which is the case on all other Discord giveaway bots.

Test a live example Discord giveaway below.