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SweepWidget API Access (Beta)

The SweepWidget API allows read and write data to and from your giveaways. This feature is currently beta and is accepting new feature requests. If you need any specific functionality, feel free to contact us. First, you must get your API Key. Navigate to Integrations and click on API Access. Then, copy your API Key. […]

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Duplicate A Giveaway

In this article we will learn how to duplicate an existing SweepWidget giveaway. First login to your SweepWidget account and click + New Giveaway. Next, click the Duplicate Previous Giveaway link. Lastly, select the giveaway you want to duplicate. After that, your giveaway will be duplicated and you can edit it as needed.

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Add Rules

Learn how to manually add rules or auto-generate rules for your giveaway. Table of contents Manually add rules Auto-generate rules Example rules on live giveaway Manually add rules Navigate to Basic Information > Add Rules. Manually enter your own rules into Official rules text box. Auto generate rules Navigate to Basic Information > Add Rules. […]

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Send A Confirmation Email To Users After They Enter

Learn how to send a confirmation email to users after they enter. Table of contents Default email setup (business plan required) Custom email setup (premium plan required) Custom logo (premium plan required) Example emails Default email setup Navigate to Pre & Post Entry > Send a confirmation email to users after they enter. Then tick […]

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Add Locked Prizes, Tiered Rewards & Instant Coupons

Learn how to add locked prizes, tiered rewards, or instant coupons. As users earn more entries, they can unlock various prizes and coupons. You can give them additional entries into other random draws or reward them instant prizes/coupons. Table of contents: Getting started Unlock prizes setup Unlock prizes automatic email Example unlock prizes giveaway Instant […]